As an advisor to your Circle K club, you play a major role in ensuring the success of the club. The time and effort you commit to assist the members of the club contributes to their service and leadership experience. Below you will find some resources to help you fulfill your role as an advisor.

Advisor Resource Guide

This guide is designed to provide Kiwanis and Faculty advisors with some basic information to help you fulfill your role as advisor. It  not only includes basic information about the CKI organization, but also covers topics specific to your position. You should be familiar with the material in this guide to most effectively advise the officers and members of the club.

SLP General Information Brochure

A brochure containing information about the Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs

SLP Information Brochure for Parents

A brochure–tailored to parents–containing information about the Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs

Kiwanis Advisor Background Checks

The sponsoring Kiwanis club should appoint a Kiwanis advisor to the Circle K club and ensure that he/she receives adequate orientation and training. The Kiwanis advisor(s) must have a clear criminal history background check. Visit the Kiwanis site for complete information on advisors getting background checks.

Membership Update Center

For Circle K Clubs, the faculty advisor and the club secretary can access the system. In order to access the system, the email address for these individuals must match the records at Kiwanis International. To update advisor information, the sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary should email the new advisor’s name and contact information to [email protected].