Apply to Serve on a District Committee!

We need YOUR help!  To improve our committee system and ensure all District directives are carried out successfully throughout the year, we invite you to serve on our District Committees!
District Committee members will be responsible for attending committee meetings and working on whatever tasks the Committee Chair assigns to them.  NOTE: All committee meetings and work will be conducted online, so no travel is required.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience at the District level with less of a time commitment, have your voice heard, and interact with other members of the District!
The Committees available to members are: Club Building & Revitalization, Conferences & Conventions, Fundraising, Information Technology, Kiwanis Family, Laws & Regulations, and Service.  Descriptions of these committees can be found on our website.
All club officers and members in good standing are eligible to serve on a District Committee.  Applications are due October 1, 2017 at midnight to Governor Devyn (  Please promote this leadership opportunity to your members, and contact us if you have any questions.