The Key to College is a Circle K International (CKI) program developed especially for high school students who are interested in pursuing higher education and gaining insight about college and university life, service, and leadership.

Sponsoring a key to College Program benefits both the high school audience and the CKI club in several ways:

  • High school students have the opportunity to learn about college life first-hand from college students. In addition to learning how to select and apply for their ideal colleges, high school students will learn all about living on campus, selecting courses, applying for financial aid, joining student organizations, choosing a major, and adapting to campus social life and schoolwork.
  • The Key to College Program gives members of CKI the opportunity to interact with high school students, often members of Key Club International. While the Program is not limited to Key Club audiences by any means, CKI groups may wish to target Key Club members so that they may begin to develop a relationship that will enhance both organizations’ service potentials in the future.
  • CKI members may further develop their leadership and presentation skills by providing this needed community service.

More information can be found on the Circle K International Website.