International Board of Trustees

The International Board of Trustees is composed of the President, the Vice-President, and seven trustees. These students administer the organization at the International level. They identify the critical issues facing the organization and evaluate strategies to help the organization support its mission. The International Board also sets the policies for CKI, develops service initiative programs, and advises and educates the districts. In addition, it provides consultation to each district via the governor to assist them in managing the organization at the district level. The International Trustee serves as a liaison between the District and International levels. Annually, the council of governors meets with the International Board of Trustees to discuss the state of the organization.

Governing Documents

Includes the CKI Bylaws

>> Resource: Governing Documents

CKI Store

Shop for apparel, gifts, and supplies online.

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International Convention

There is an annual International Convention. At the International convention, as many members as can attend should represent each club. The club is allowed two voting delegates to elect new International leadership, share input, vote on amendments to the International Bylaws, and determine the future of CKI.

>> Resource: International Convention

Kiwanis International Office

The Kiwanis International Office in Indianapolis, IN also maintains a team of employees designated to work solely for Kiwanis service leadership programs. It develops service program materials, processes dues and membership information, creates leadership development literature, manages the International budget, and forwards mailings to clubs, faculty advisors, and Kiwanis clubs, just to name a few tasks.

>> Resource: Contact the International Office by emailing [email protected]