Circle K International offers members a variety of experiences to help them realize their leadership potential. Your involvement in CKI will have a significant impact on your campus, community, and the entire world. As a dedicated CKI member, you will develop lifelong friendships, establish a network of members from the entire Kiwanis family, and gain satisfaction knowing your leadership and service are making a positive impact on the world.

Campus and Community Service
Because of CKI’s rich history of helping others, members of CKI share in the tradition of serving their campuses and communities. CKI members, by planning and participating in projects and activities, volunteer their time, talents, ideas, and skills for the purpose of making a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on their environment.

Club Mailings
Every club receives mailings from the district and International office containing information on everything from club projects to International convention.

Education, Membership Recruitment, Public Relations, Promotion, and Training Information 
Every club receives the latest program and public relations information and materials developed by the International Office. These materials are designed to assist in club administration, growth, and development. Upon publication, these resources will be forwarded to clubs. They also are available upon request.

Experienced Counseling 
Every club has the opportunity to gain valuable guidance by communicating and interacting with district and International board members.

Because CKI is organized on more than 500 college and university campuses around the world, members have the unique opportunity to become friends with college students from all walks of life. Attendance at divisional, district, and International conferences and conventions provides members a special chance to learn about diverse perspectives, make new friends, share ideas and concerns, and travel.

Leadership and Development
By simply joining CKI, you stand out as a leader who plans to make a difference in the world. Through the CKI structure, every member also has the opportunity to develop leadership skills by serving as an officer or committee chairperson. Whether serving as a club project chair, district officer, or International Representative, each member has the opportunity to discover and develop talents and skills.

Member Cards
Each member receives a membership card showing membership in good standing in CKI.

Member Handbook 
As part of CKI member education, each new member receives a handbook that outlines the purpose, history, and structure of the organization.

Professional Development
Involvement in CKI will allow college students to apply what they learn in the classroom to everyday situations. The skills that are developed and the opportunities experienced through CKI increase a student’s marketability for employment after college. CKI’s connection to Kiwanis promotes career networking between collegians and professionals as well.