The PACK sent 4 members to San Antonio for CKIx 2017, and had a great time meeting members from all over the world! But, we also conducted official Circle K business.

The 2017-2018 International board was elected and the results are as follows:

  • International President: Justin Crofoot (Alabama District)
  • International Vice President: Eric Yan (Texas-Oklahoma District)
  • Subregion A International Trustee: Josh Kim (Pacific Northwest District)
  • Subregion B International Trustee: Banna Tesfay (Southwest District)
  • Subregion C International Trustee: Trevor Nicholas (Minnesota-Dakotas District)
  • Subregion D International Trustee: Linda Stevens (Texas-Oklahoma District)
  • Subregion E International Trustee: Tim Peischl (Ohio District)
  • Subregion F International Trustee: Karl Uzcategui (New England District)
  • Subregion G International Trustee: Drew Kelley (Georgia District)
  • International Trustee at Large: Sebastian Vazquez (Capital District)

Awards were given to deserving recipients for their efforts in the 2016-2017 year, and the PACK has winners!

  • Outstanding Single Service Project: West Chester University, 3rd place.
  • Growth Enhances Membership award: Edinboro University, 4th place, Sapphire Division.


Next stop: CKIx 2018 in Chicago!

Results from CKIx 2017!