This year The Pennsylvania District Board have focused their fundraising efforts to sponsorships and ad sales in our District Convention Program. We encourage Circle K and Kiwanis clubs to assist us in our efforts either by guiding us to a business who would want to sponsor our district or buying an ad in our booklet. Reach out to treasurer Fairooz Jahan ([email protected]) with any questions! 

Sponsorship Request Letter

Program Ads Form

The PACK has partnered with Giant and Martin’s Grocery stores through Cash for Causes. Clubs or individuals can purchase $50 or $100 cards. For every gift card you buy through PA Circle K, we get 5% of the profit! Profits will be used to fund district operations, such as training, InterPACK, etc. You can pay by mailing a check to the Kiwanis office or by credit card. If you use a credit card there is a small convenience fee. Gift cards will be mailed to your house about a week after the order is placed.

To place your order, click here.

Orders are placed the last day of each month. Contact the District Treasurer at [email protected] for more information.


The business model is really quite simple. The Pennsylvania District of Circle K International and it’s club members are to sign up for the program and order gift cards through it. Each type of card has a rebate percentage associated with it. This percentage is given back to the organization every time a card is purchased. This makes fundraising as easy as a slight change to the members normal shopping habits. By purchasing gift cards to places they would normally shop and giving them to friends and family as gifts, members are able to raise funds quickly and effortlessly. In the case of PA Circle K, these funds will be given back out to the members of the district in the form of bigger and better district events. If members embrace and utilize this new fundraiser, then InterPACK and DCON will be cheaper and filled with more fun activities. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.