Welcome new District Officers!

As you may know, we have been accepting applications during the past few weeks to fill vacant Lt. Governor and District Committee Chairperson positions on the District Board.  We are very grateful to have received a great number of applications, which made the selection process extremely difficult.

After reviewing all applications, the appointments are as follows:

Lt. Governors and Governor’s Representatives:

  • Black Diamond Governor’s Representative – Cody Derhammer, University of Pittsburgh-Oakland
  • Three Rivers Lt. Governor – Sarah Feinberg, University of Pittsburgh-Oakland
District Committee Chairs:
  • Club Building & Revitalization – Jessica Tressa, Lock Haven University
  • Conferences & Conventions – Tyler Tallmadge, Lock Haven University
  • Kiwanis Family – Rachael McDonald, West Chester University
  • Laws & Regulations – Shea Palmer, West Chester University
  • Service – Scott Tustin, Penn State University

The District Board welcomes all new appointees to the team and we are very excited to work with them throughout the term.

We still have one final opening on the District Board in the position of Snowbelt Lt. Governor.  Filling this position is crucial to ensure the clubs in the Snowbelt Division receive proper communication and counseling from the District Board.  We strongly prefer to fill this position with someone from the area.  If anyone is interested in applying for Snowbelt Lt. Governor or wants more information, please contact Governor Devyn at governor@pacirclek.org.

Thank you to everyone who applied, and thank you all for your dedication and service to Pennsylvania Circle K!  We look forward to a successful year.