Through your experience in Circle K, you’ve developed friendships and a commitment to helping others. Graduation doesn’t have to be the end of it. The Kiwanis family offers a wide array of possibilities for you to continue your lifelong commitment to service. The resources in this section will help you determine your fit within the Kiwanis family.

Kiwanis International

Get Ready to help children and families in your community? Ready to change the world? Kiwanis is ready for you!

Reach out to a Kiwanis club in your community and let them know you’d like to join. Contact a club member or officer. Let them know you’d like to learn more about Kiwanis. Try these tips for contacting a local Kiwanis club:

  1. Find a club. Locate a Kiwanis club in your area. Choose up to three club locations near you to receive a personal guest invitation.
  2. Visit a club. Ask about visiting a Kiwanis meeting—or offer to speak at a meeting. It’s an excellent way to learn about Kiwanis, make contacts and let Kiwanis members know more about you.
  3. Phone home. If you need help getting in touch with a Kiwanis club, give Kiwanis International a call at +1-800-549-2647, ext. 411
  4. Explore Kiwanis culture. Kiwanis clubs are volunteer-based. Traditionally, club meetings take place once a week and offer an atmosphere of fun, learning and fellowship. Kiwanis members typically volunteer each month to assist with club service projects. In a typical year, Kiwanis clubs worldwide organize more than 150,000 service projects—both locally and globally—and Kiwanis members dedicate more than 12 million hours of service.
  5. Get involved. New members bring fresh energy and ideas to Kiwanis clubs. We invite you to reach out, learn more and get involved. Together, we can change the world, one child and one community at a time

Circle K Alumni Association

Are you a former CKI member and still committed to service leadership? Are you getting ready to graduate and leave your CKI club? Connect with other alumni! Let folks know what you’re up to. Join your fellow Circle K International alumni today.

As the network grows, we will continue to evolve to ensure a valuable experience for our members. Through blogs and story-sharing, let’s reconnect and find out who’s where and what they are up to.

If you haven’t yet joined, why not do it today? Membership is free! Join today.