Circle K is divided into districts that are either a state, a combination of states, provinces, and/or countries. They are regionally identified. The main function of the district is to develop and maintain clubs within the specified region. The chief spokesperson and leader of the district is the governor. Other district officers include the secretary, treasurer, editor, lieutenant governors, and committee chairs.

The districts may be further broken down into divisions that are managed by lieutenant governors. The lieutenant governor is responsible for the needs of the clubs in their division by visiting, counseling, and assisting clubs and getting clubs involved in district and division projects. The lieutenant governor is the club’s primary liaison to the district.

The district offers a number of leadership development and social opportunities. The district will conduct divisional rallies for the clubs in each division; it will sponsor a fall district event and a district convention in the spring. At the district convention members elect new district leadership, share input, vote on district bylaw amendments, and determine the district’s future.

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