The roles of the Kiwanis and faculty/staff advisors can be crucial to the success of a Circle K Club. A Kiwanis advisor is a member of the sponsoring Kiwanis Club who chairs that club’s committee on CKI. The faculty/staff advisor is a member of the school’s faculty or administration and provides a direct liaison to the school community. Though the role of each differs slightly, the advisors should work as a team and communicate regularly. Specific responsibilities of each advisor will be covered in greater detail later in the manual.It is important to develop a positive working relationship with them. Include them in your meetings and events. Copy them on communications and recognize them for their dedication to your club.

Advisor Resources

Kiwanis Youth Protection & Background Checks

The sponsoring Kiwanis Club should appoint a Kiwanis Advisor to the Circle K club and ensure that he/she receives Youth Protection Training provided by Kiwanis International. The Kiwanis Advisor(s) must have a clear criminal history background check. Visit the Kiwanis site for complete information on youth protection and  background checks.

Membership Update Center

For Circle K Clubs, the faculty advisor and the club secretary can access the system. In order to access the system, the email address for these individuals must match the records at Kiwanis International. To update advisor information, the sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary should email the new advisor’s name and contact information to [email protected].

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